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Getting started with ASP NET MVC 5 : E-Commerce

I’ve been thinking about writing an article’ about MVC 5, but already there are lot’s of articles written about it. But I want to write about ASP NET MVC 5 in different way. So, for all of you folks, I have created Open Source Project on called E-CommerceMVC. I’ll develop E-commerce and will write about each part of the development. As this one is open source you can also contribute to it. This will be series of posts describing each and every development part of this Project. For update please like Facebook page Just Code Web.

Before moving forward, short description of the project.

Requirement for E-Commerce Web Site are:

  1. Products have Categories and Subcategories, which are manageable from admin panel.
  2. Product have Brand irrespective of category/sub-category. i.e Products from different category/sub-category can have same brand. for example, Windows 10 (Software/Operating System),X-BOX one (Game Console) have different category but their brand is “Microsoft”.
  3. Product can be search by user from NavBar,just like most of the E-Commerce sites have.
  4. Products have properties. For example, Mobiles have property RAM,Screen Size etc.
  5. Each property have set of values. For example, RAM can have 1 GB,2 GB,3 GB etc.
  6. User can filter their product search based on these properties. Same like we filter in most other E-Commerce Site.
  7. User must create account/login before checkout. Before that user can add product to wishlist,cart even if he is not logged in.
  8. Admin can add,edit,delete or update product. View summary of product sold,pending/cancelled/completed orders.

These are requirement to start this project, as we move on we will add more functionality. But for now let’s start with above requirement.

If you have suggestion/queries please comment below.

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